I Am Now A Fully Licensed Driver!

For those of you reading this from out of the province or even another country, Ontario uses a graduated licensing system. There are 3 levels for general driving, you must complete all 3 within a certain number of years to become fully licensed. Until you do, there are certain restrictions that apply based on your age and which level you are at.

I started driving late in life. When my friends and classmates turned 16 they ran to get their G1 and begin driving. Not me, I just … didn’t. I turned 24 and realized I needed to drive. Really, it was ridiculous that I wasn’t already driving.

With a much needed push and some help from a good friend & colleague, I wrote my G1 exam when I was 24 (on her 16 year old son’s birthday – we went together). A year went by and I took my G2 driving test. I passed with flying colours – I even kicked butt at parallel parking! So when I graduated to my G2 license and I could finally drive on my own, I just became too comfortable at that level and never went for another test to proceed to the full G level. I coasted on my G2 license to the very end.

Along comes March 2014 and I realized my G2 license was about to EXPIRE!

In a panic I booked my G driving test and miraculously they had an appointment open THE DAY BEFORE my license was set to expire. So yesterday I did the G driving test and passed!

I was already driving with no restrictions, based on my age, but it’s such a GREAT feeling knowing that I’m now fully licensed and the graduated license process is over – at age 30! Such a huge relief.

I don’t need to do another driving test until I’m 80. Woohoo!


One thought on “I Am Now A Fully Licensed Driver!

  1. Graduated licensing is a hot topic at the moment in the UK. We only have to pass one basic test and then that’s it. Many people are calling for some sort of restrictions on young drivers but it’s not good for the economy as it effects employment opportunities. Time will tell if it ever gets introduced here. Good article.

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