Rainbow Bridge – Finding Comfort After Pet Loss

It is always difficult coping with the loss of a pet. For many people – such as my own family – pets are not animals, they are family members. My family has been incredibly lucky and privileged to love and live with 3 wonderful, beautiful, loving, friendly dogs. Jake, Bandit and Reggie. Our dogs were not pets, they were our family members. My brother and I had additional brothers, my parent’s had additional children. My family has had a dog for as long as I can remember. My brother and I were just little kids when we got our first dog, Jake. He was a puppy, my brother was a toddler, and I was a few years older. The story and joke is that we were all puppies together, and that we all grew up together. There has always been a dog in our home and in our hearts.

As we aged, so did they. Our time with each dog was staggered and overlapped. Between my 3 furry brothers, there has always been a dog in my life. Their losses were all devastating.

Over time the pain weakens. You remember only the good memories and stop replaying the loss. We have many funny and wonderful stories about all of our dogs. We will always love them and always miss them, but we’re left with fantastic memories that always make us smile or laugh as we reminisce.

Rainbow Bridge is a poem that has always helped me through the loss of a pet. I forget about it as time passes because I move from sorrow to joy as I remember the good times. However, I always come across it again when needed. Now is one of those times. This poem brings me some comfort at sad times like these, and I hope it will help you if you ever feel the same.



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