Big Brother Canada Season 2

Season 2 of Big Brother Canada begins tomorrow at 9pm! All but one of the houseguests have been announced. The identity of the final houseguest is currently a secret and will be revealed when the season kicks off. I’m guessing that someone from last year is returning OR there will be some sort of game/competition to determine who from a select group of people will become the final houseguest. All will be revealed tomorrow.

I am a huge fan of the US version of Big Brother, however one of the things that makes Big Brother Canada (BBCAN) better is that the live feeds are free! There’s also a larger online component in Canada than in the US, giving the viewers at home more of an opportunity to play along or influence things in the house.

Follow all of the Big Brother Canada tweets using the #BBCAN2 hashtag!

New this year is an after-show, which airs live following Thursday night eviction shows. The season 2 premiere of Big Brother Canada airs Wednesday March 5th at 9pm EST.

*** UPDATE – March 5, 2014 ***

I’m throwing my support behind Kenny Brain! If you’re in Canada you can watch the LIVE feeds completely free 24/7. Go Kenny Go!

Big Brother Canada

I’ve always loved the US version of Big Brother, but I am even more excited that Canada now has it’s own version. Big Brother Canada began last week and I’m back to watching religiously; including After Dark and the live feeds – which for the Canadian version of the show, are completely FREE! That’s right, you can tune in and spy on the Houseguests any time day or night – absolutely free.

What’s interesting is that Big Brother Canada is taking place throughout the Winter months, yet the Houseguests still walk around – inside & outside – wearing next to nothing, in typical BB fashion. The “backyard” is a completely enclosed area with simulated day & night light cycles. This way they can play on the “grass”, lounge in the pool or relax on the patio, all in Summer-like temperatures.

I definitely have some Houseguests that I favour more than others, of course. I’m rooting for them!

The Canadian version follows the US format in most ways with a few differences here and there. The biggest difference being how you can interact with the game and have influence on some of Big Brother’s decisions regarding the House and the Houseguests.

Tune in on Sunday, Wednesday and Thursday for regular episodes. After Dark airs nightly from 2am to 5am, and don’t forget about the FREE live feeds!