Thank You for the Birthday Wishes 2020

Thank you for the amazing outpouring of birthday greetings and gifts. You’ve all made me feel so special. I must admit that a COVID-19 birthday is a different one. Much quieter, and no going out to celebrate. However I got to spend my birthday with my very best friend and non-sexual life partner Stacy, and even stranded on the other side of the world my boyfriend Vincent made this a great birthday as well. Turning 29 (again) is not easy but everyone made my day so wonderful. Thank you! ❤️🤗

Birthday Fundraiser 2020

Again this year I am using my birthday month to raise money for SickKids, the Hospital for Sick Children. This hospital & charity means a great deal to me and my family. This year is very different; times are hard, and I completely understand if you’re not able to donate – but if you can, in any amount, it would be greatly appreciated. Feel free to share this post.

I am running the fundraiser through the Facebook donation platform. Please click this link to learn more and donate:

Thank you ❤️

Thank You for the Birthday Wishes 2015


I just wanted to take a moment to thank everyone for the greetings and well wishes on my birthday yesterday. The number of messages on Facebook and Twitter was overwhelming and you all really made my day – I cannot thank you enough!

I turned 29 this year – again – this makes the fourth consecutive year … you can do the math if you absolutely must.

This past year has been full of life changes – good and bad – and like many big life changes, things are not always easy. I’ve been going through a hard time lately (when it rains it pours!) and it felt amazing to hear from everyone over the last few days.

Thank you for taking a moment to say hello and send your best wishes. It means a lot!

Turning the Big 3-0

Last Saturday (July 20, 2013) I crossed the line from hopeful 20-something to depressed 30 year old.

I have now been the BIG 3-0 for exactly 1 week and I do have to admit that I don’t really feel any different. I don’t know what I was expecting though; maybe I thought I had some kind of expiration date or countdown timer. Did I think I was going to explode at midnight or something? I’m happy to report that I’m still alive.

I went to sushi with friends followed by drinks (lots of them) at our house. Jess made strawberry jello shots in actual strawberries. Deliciously intoxicating! I’m not much of a drinker, honestly, but I consumed enough rum & coke that night to successfully sail into my 30’s without even realizing it. Come to think of it, I don’t recall much about the rest of that night – haha! If you have to turn a scary age, I highly recommend being in a daze for it.

Having a Rolo ice cream cake from DQ certainly helps too! Mmmmmm.

Thank you everyone for the birthday wishes on Facebook, Twitter and in person. I’m lucky to have so many great people in my life.