Ginger Minj – White Christmas


I Am Going to France!

For Christmas 2016 my boyfriend surprised me with something I never thought possible. I am going to Paris France! A whirlwind 10 day vacation is quickly approaching.

This is my first BIG trip and I am very excited about it! It will be my first real trip out of the country (well, even the Province!) and my first time on a plane. I feel like a big kid.

Thank you to everyone who helped Vincent carry out his plan. It seems everyone knew but me. Now I just have to pack …

I am counting down the days now – count down with me!

France trip … January 8 – 18, 2017.

A Very Merry Christmas Movie Mash-Up!

Welcome to December. With just 24 days until Christmas, I wanted to share this incredible mash-up of iconic Christmas movies and television specials set to one of Darlene Love‘s classic Christmas songs.

I think I’ve watched every single movie or television special featured in this video; each one of them bringing back so many fond holiday memories. Watching this great mash-up overwhelms me with Christmas spirit, it is so well done and must be shared!

Once Upon a Christmas

This is one of the greatest Christmas albums ever produced. I have so many INCREDIBLE holiday memories surrounding the songs on this album. When I was a kid we used to play this RECORD in the basement of my parent’s house because it was one of the only Christmas albums they had. I used to listen to this over and over. I know every song by heart. It was probably the catalyst for my love of all things Dolly Parton. This album always makes my heart so light and my face produce a beaming smile.