Birthday Fundraiser 2020

Again this year I am using my birthday month to raise money for SickKids, the Hospital for Sick Children. This hospital & charity means a great deal to me and my family. This year is very different; times are hard, and I completely understand if you’re not able to donate – but if you can, in any amount, it would be greatly appreciated. Feel free to share this post.

I am running the fundraiser through the Facebook donation platform. Please click this link to learn more and donate:

Thank you ❤️

Sick Isn’t Weak – Fight Back


The latest campaign from SickKids is a powerful one, reminding us that just because someone is sick, doesn’t mean they are weak. Just because someone is down, doesn’t mean they are out. They are strong, they fight back.

SickKids has a very special place in my heart as it hits close to home for my own family, and families of some of my friends. Always give when you can. Always spread the word. Always do good.




Read the source article from the Toronto Star.

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