Windows 95 Instructional Video with Jennifer Aniston and Matthew Perry

Perhaps one of the most 90’s things you’ll ever see is this promo / instructional video for Windows 95 starring Jennifer Aniston and Matthew Perry. Having lived & loved through Windows 95 … I couldn’t stop watching this.


Is LiveJournal Cool Again?


I used to blog all the time. All the time. I’d blog about anything and everything. I was very active on LiveJournal, which was extremely popular through the 2000’s. Everyone I knew had either a LiveJournal or DeadJournal – of course, if you were anybody at all you referred to them as your LJ and DJ. Life was all about picking the perfect theme, the perfect banner for announcing your blog was “friends only” and coming up with the wittiest profile page – which was FULL of colour bars featuring absolutely any fandom you could think of.

With the invention and explosive popularity of Facebook, many people (myself included) moved their lives to that platform and interacted that way instead of the communities that we created on LiveJournal.

I miss blogging. True blogging. I miss the feeling of being able to get things out of my head, or trying to be funny, all in the tight-knit community of LiveJournal.

This week something happened. Famed LJ user @Jameth (who I am a big fan of) started posting on his LiveJournal again. The internet cheered and also went a little crazy at the same time. I’m sure the traffic stats are WAY up over at good ol’ this week.

Which leads me to ask … Is LiveJournal cool again?