Sitges Bear Week 2018

Sitges Bear Week highlights from September 2018. This was my 2nd time attending the event and I had a blast. It was so awesome to meet up with so many friends from last year, and to make new ones. We are already booked for 2019 and I cannot wait to return again for a week of beaches, booze, and boys!

Sitges Bear Week 2017

This video shows highlights last year’s BEAR WEEK in Sitges/Spain. I see lots of people I know!

It was my first time there for this event and it was incredible. It was so much fun; full of friendly guys and beautiful landscapes in a fun bohemian village.

We have already booked our hotel to go back for Sitges Bear Week 2018 and I can’t wait!

My Fitbit is on the Fritz!

I’ve had to send away for a Fitbit replacement. Mine is still kicking, but the band is falling apart. I hope my new one arrives in time for my vacation – I’m sure I will be getting lots of steps in France and Spain!

At least I still have my old one. I’ll keep wearing it until it literally falls apart – then I will have my new replacement ready to go.

Fitbit has a GREAT warranty. Just saying.

Countdown to France & Spain

Sitges, Spain
Sitges, Spain

Soon I will be heading back to Europe for a few weeks to spend time with Vincent and his friends in Paris. Also part of this adventure is a road-trip to Sitges Spain for my very first Bear Week. I am looking forward to a week of booze-filled days on the gay beaches of Spain with my boyfriend – and I have some new beachwear just for the occasion!


I Am Going to France!

For Christmas 2016 my boyfriend surprised me with something I never thought possible. I am going to Paris France! A whirlwind 10 day vacation is quickly approaching.

This is my first BIG trip and I am very excited about it! It will be my first real trip out of the country (well, even the Province!) and my first time on a plane. I feel like a big kid.

Thank you to everyone who helped Vincent carry out his plan. It seems everyone knew but me. Now I just have to pack …

I am counting down the days now – count down with me!

France trip … January 8 – 18, 2017.