Sitges Bear Week 2017

This video shows highlights from last year in Sitges. I see lots of people I know!

It was my first time there for this event and it was incredible. It was so much fun; full of friendly guys and beautiful landscapes in a fun bohemian village.

We have already booked our hotel to go back for Sitges Bear Week 2018 and I can’t wait!


Counting Down!

Vincent has his flight booked for his next visit and the countdown has begun. Having spent most of the Summer together, it has been difficult to be apart. Looking forward to spending a month during Christmas together again!

— View the countdown! —

My Fitbit is on the Fritz!

I’ve had to send away for a Fitbit replacement. Mine is still kicking, but the band is falling apart. I hope my new one arrives in time for my vacation – I’m sure I will be getting lots of steps in France and Spain!

At least I still have my old one. I’ll keep wearing it until it literally falls apart – then I will have my new replacement ready to go.

Fitbit has a GREAT warranty. Just saying.

I Am Going to France!

For Christmas 2016 my boyfriend surprised me with something I never thought possible. I am going to Paris France! A whirlwind 10 day vacation is quickly approaching.

This is my first BIG trip and I am very excited about it! It will be my first real trip out of the country (well, even the Province!) and my first time on a plane. I feel like a big kid.

Thank you to everyone who helped Vincent carry out his plan. It seems everyone knew but me. Now I just have to pack …

I am counting down the days now – count down with me!

France trip … January 8 – 18, 2017.