France – January 2017 – Pictures & Videos

As part of an incredible surprise Christmas gift, I went to Paris/France with my boyfriend Vincent, January 8-18 2017. I never thought a trip like this could happen, but it did, and it was awesome. It was life changing for someone like me. Paris by night is magical.

Pictures & Videos from my trip:

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I Am Going to France!

For Christmas 2016 my boyfriend surprised me with something I never thought possible. I am going to Paris France! A whirlwind 10 day vacation is quickly approaching.

This is my first BIG trip and I am very excited about it! It will be my first real trip out of the country (well, even the Province!) and my first time on a plane. I feel like a big kid.

Thank you to everyone who helped Vincent carry out his plan. It seems everyone knew but me. Now I just have to pack …

I am counting down the days now – count down with me!

France trip … January 8 – 18, 2017.